Job Creation by Shovankar Roy

Job Creation by Shovankar Roy

New Employment Generation by Ragilly


Hope you have heard of Ragilly, established in the year 2017 in Kolkata. Ragilly is the service center for your two-wheeler at your doorstep at just one dial from your phone! I am one of the regular customers of Ragilly now. I was also their first customer like you when I surfed Google to find some service center who can provide doorstep servicing. I got their contact from their official website ( The Ragilly team specializes in doorstep scooty and bike servicing as well as four-wheeler servicing which includes a variety of services from two and four wheeler washing to bike repair, tyre puncture repair and fitting of accessories.

For the first time when their two team members came to my doorstep for my car servicing. I was amazed to see their efficiency. It seemed that they were not from any B.Tech background but their efficiency was unquestionable. I was so much satisfied with their service that I went to Ragilly’s Kolkata office at Newtown a few days back where I met Mr. Shovankar Roy, the founder. From him, I came to know that Ragilly now wants to expand its team to reach out to its ever-increasing customer base, specifically in Bengal. I was pleased to know that even in these dull days of recession where it is very difficult to get a suitable job opening, Ragilly is creating an opening for automobile Job opportunities in Bengal. This is for all, where caste, religion, gender is no bar. Even there are job opportunities for Transgenders and openings for Orphans as well since Ragilly visits orphanages and charitable trusts at regular intervals maintaining social responsibility  which is not seen generally to be maintained by most of the companies around us. They even recruit candidates from ITI Colleges all around in Bengal. But Child Labor is strictly condemned at Ragilly.

Life is a lot better here as much as I have seen during my visit to their center. I recommend to join Ragilly and experience it yourself!

You will be joining a team of competent individuals and grooming yourself day by day to be a professional. To be specific, the 20 days training session is going to be rigorous as per the trainer’s version. Despite the rigorous session they also give short breaks in between works because “All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy”. One will be undergoing automobile machine usage training, Soft skills training, Machine Usage Training, and last and the most important customer service training. Ragilly will also train them on the usage of software applications through their standardized software training methods.

By knowing the whole methodology they follow I do believe in the term skill India so that the youth can go through industry-based skill training to secure a better livelihood for themselves.

This is also a proposal to all the Ragilly followers and well-wishers who at least think in the way Mr. Shovankar thinks. Call Ragilly and avail of their services so that Shovankar’s dream of expanding the boundaries of their business comes true and help them for Job creation in this dull market where thousands of efficient candidates are roaming today with their CVs in hand from door to door in search for a suitable job, or for those candidates who belong to those families who can’t even afford their child financially to go for the higher studies to get a good job in an MNC.

I can remember the last few words of the founder as an Entrepreneur- “We take pride as we help the individual growth of our employees by promoting work-life balance. If anyone is looking for an environment where entertainment and work go hand in hand, do not miss this opportunity of joining our Ragilly team…”

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