Identify, disinfect, and contain the infection with these innovative technologies (thermal imaging cameras)

Identify, disinfect, and contain the infection with these innovative technologies (thermal imaging cameras)

Amid the unprecedented situation, governments and the allied organization are struggling to contain this pandemic hard day and night. The lack of appropriate and sufficient equipment and innovative solutions are made it too tuff to bring the number of cases under control as well. Understanding this prevailing situation, VP1 is coming forward to supply the best available technology devices such as thermal imaging cameras, luggage sanitizing devices, contactless ticketing kiosks that help to identify, sanitize, and suppress this pandemic in all its possible levels.

As this virus is primarily spreading across the boundaries through the traveling groups, the best feasible option we have is to identify the infected right before their board for their journey and disinfect them before entering our territories. Plus, making as many processes contactless can lessen the likelihood to spread it across. So, employing some innovative devices such as automatic sanitizing machine, thermal imaging camera, and automated ticket printing kiosks heps a lot to carry out the boarding and checking out of passengers of all kinds in their journey.

So, here we have found a few effective contact-less tech-solutions to bring the situation under control to implements across the travel hubs such as airports, railway stations, bus stands, and any public gather places effectively. These tech-devices will help you to take control over the situation without fretting or annoying fellow passengers quite expertly.

  1. Thermal imaging camera

Thermal imaging camera is an effective yet compatible system to get an accurate assessment of the passenger’s body temperature without individual screening delays. It helps to identify the temperature difference and alarm when it finds something unusual automatically. Places like airports, railway stations, ports, bus stand with massive passenger rush can make use of this technology to point out the few with abnormal temperature symptoms.

  • Helps to detect elevated body temperature of people quickly
  • Gives the perceivable map of skin temperature for a quick diagnosis real-time
  • Works day and night regardless of light availability and climatic conditions
  • Gives more clarity with color images, temp-scales, and automatic alarms
  • Compatible for screening a massive population in a short span of time
  • Easy installation and mobile to integrate in any kind of locations
  1. Automated Sanitising Machine

Automated sanitizing machines are a mobile solution to sterilize the passengers of all sorts. It is a doorway model sanitizing machine that can sanitize the passengers while passing through it. Plus, it can use the same as the usual screen tunnel in airports. So, it will just the way a gateway works but sanitize the passengers seamlessly.

  • Sanitizes top-to-bottom of the body of the person passing through
  • Mobile and fitting anywhere around a public place as a doorway
  • Can integrate additional surveillance cameras to ensure no one is skipping
  • Fully automated mechanism with minimal human intervention
  • Deployable across schools, malls, airports, bars, offices, hotels, airports, banks, etc.
  • Quick installation and convenient in using indoors and outdoors
  1. Contact-less Ticket Printing Kiosk

This innovative ticket printing solution is a situation-appropriate solution to remain contact less between the passengers and ticketing officials.

There are several ways that authorities are integrated with the ticketing system, such as check-in and printing a boarding pass in real-time or using the kiosk to print the ticked booked online, etc.

Plus, apart from the current situation, the passengers and the facilitators can have a lot of additional benefits by using a ticket printing kiosk.

Avoid long-queue of the passengers during check-in and check-out

Contact-less ticketing process that fits for every location

High-speed functioning and durable operation for ticket printing

Integrate Customer ticketing process based on the user preference

High sensitive touch screen with advanced printing support software

Use in multiple languages and remote monitoring options

  1. Baggage Sanitation Devices

Baggage sanitation is as important as full-body sanitation for the passengers boarding and arriving. Specifically, in this current scenario, a handy solution that helps to disinfect passenger luggage and other properties in a quick yet effective way helps a lot.

Besides, to make it safe and contact-less for the cleaners, baggage sanitizing devices can be used from a safer distance as if 3-5 meters away keeps the cleaners from the close contact.

This device sprays disinfectant in the form of mystified fog and sanitizes the property all the way. These sterilizing fogger machines come with different varieties that it more fitting into different locations as well. Based on the occasion it is used, it can be selected and employed.

  • Creates misty fog with the disinfectant solution that is refilled easily
  • Deployable across different locations such as indoors and outdoors
  • Works effectively against the virus particles and other contaminants
  • Multiple-use cases with greater mobility and durability
  • Applicable across different spaces and comfortable to handle

As we don’t have any other medicines or vaccines in place to tame this pandemic, taking the most appropriate precautions is the only solution we have now. All these tech-solutions are widely employing across the world as the best measure to control the spread.

We are in this sector for a good number of years and have been delivered emergency equipment as this across different parts of this country and abroad. VP1 has a dedicated team to ensure the quality and functionalities are best-in-class and delivers at the orders at the right time.

VP1 dedicates and working on bringing the best such solutions for the customers of all kinds and locations with minimal delivery time and help in assisting in setting it up.

We have been helping may entities the same since the outbreak of this pandemic and supplying mission-critical equipment from various parts of the world to the organizations and peoples in need. Thus we are dedicated to severing with due diligence for your requirements of any of these products and ready to help you further.

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